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Breaking Western Podcast

Updated: May 5, 2023

Who doesn't love listening to a good podcast. It's my go to when editing photos and Breaking Western Podcast is top of the list. And thanks to the NFR I was able to finally meet up with the hosts of Abby and Angela and sneak in a quick photoshoot between their events. If you are wondering if they are just as fun in person as they are in the podcast the answer is, yes! And if you aren't sure who they are, you are missing out and need to catch up! Abby is maker behind Snake Farm Creative, sewing together killer outfits like the ones you see them wearing here and Angela is a country music artist. The two of them interview "movers and shakers within the western industry".

You can find them here: IG:

Apple podcast:


Outfit: @snakefarmcreative

Hats: @greeleyhatworks

Hat Design: @caseycurtisdesigns

Abby: @abbyfromiowa

Angela: @angelameyer23

Photo: @ladywestphotography

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