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Ranch Pony Tribe Tees

Ranch Pony Tribe Tees, " Reflects the wild wanderers and cowgirls in us all."

Like for many of us horse gals, Ranch Pony Tribe was started because of the love of the owners childhood pony. Horses have a way of inspiring us, making us want to be better, to dream big, and make our beloved animals proud. On top of that our soul horses have a way of staying intertwined in our lives even long after they have passed. It was reading Kris's bio that first caught my interest in Ranch Pony Tribe Tees. The more I followed Ranch Pony Tribe I also learned of Kris's heart for helping horse rescues. It is these reasons, and Kris's genuine kindness that I was beyond excited to be able to take some of her tees with me to Vegas to capture during the NFR and still be able to continue to shoot. If you're looking for a fun graphic tee be sure to check out her website and follower on the socials!


Sierra Spratt @sierra_sprat

Haley Joy @haleyjoytate

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