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Times are crazy right now, I think we can all agree on that. Many of you are feeling stressed on what to do with your wedding day and elopement is becoming the overwhelming option. But some of you might be worried that by doing an elopement you'll be leaving family out. Then hear is an option for you, have a reception later to celebrate your vows! Eloping/getting married in epic places doesn’t mean that you have to leave anyone out. You can still host a reception later and it will be less stressful to do so under our current circumstances. You can host the reception in your hometown and invite everyone you care about. Often times it’s easier to know that you already eloped somewhere beautiful—had the whole day to yourselves to celebrate—and then have a whole evening to celebrate together with friends & family at another time. You can still hire a photographer to be at the reception and get all the family photos you want and to capture everyone celebrating. And Guess what...there are no rules to how your reception has to be, Maybe it's a BBQ in the backyard, or rent a space for a more formal setting. Maybe you you wear your wedding dress again to the reception, maybe you don't. Don’t worry about traditions or about what other people want. It’s your party, so plan it your way. At the end of the day, this celebration is only for two people, so make sure you both remember it fondly.

It’s so important that you and your partner plan the kind of event that makes you both happy!

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