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Things to consider when choosing where to elope

When choosing where to elope you don't have to do what's trending or popular. This day is completely about the two of you. Here are a few things to think about as you dream up your perfect location.

1.) Accessibility

It’s always important to consider accessibility before ultimately deciding on your spot.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

How will you get to your destination? Will you fly? Drive? Take a boat?

Does your elopement location spot require you to hike? Camp? Backpack? Take a 4x4 vehicle? Will you be including guests and do you need to consider accessibility for them?

2.) Season

Think of the season you’d prefer to elope during, and what you want the weather to look like. This will help with narrowing down locations.

3.) Crowds

Stunning places that are fairly accessible and relatively well-known won’t be as secluded as some couples might like. Though it can be tough to find secluded locations, it’s definitely not impossible. Crowds can also be managed with time of day, and season.

4.) Legalities

Make sure it’s both legal and ethical to have a wedding ceremony in your chosen spot. Another important thing to check on is the marriage laws in the state or country you’re choosing to elope in. There might be specific guidelines about your marriage license, waiting periods, and who can marry you

5.) Permits

Check on where you’ve decided to elope to make sure you’re not missing any special permits or licenses you might need. For examples, lots of national parks require that you purchase a permit if you plan to get married within their bounds. There are also a lot of wilderness areas that require you to acquire a permit if you plan to backpack, back country ski, or camp in certain areas.

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